Trap Yoga Bae: How this Woman Curated a Yoga Experience Complete with Trap Music and Ratchet Affirmations

Listen, it’s tough trying to work hard, live your best life, and not lose your s*** on a daily basis.

Believe me, I know!! (*cries in incomplete to-do lists*)

But, there’s some stuff we can do to help us keep our sanity. For me, yoga is one of those things. I’ve found myself being less consistent with my practice as of late, which makes me wish I could fly to California and hop in the dope yoga class of today’s Millennial Dreamers guest: Trap Yoga Bae.

Brittney Floyd-Mayo, best known as “Trap Yoga Bae,” is a straight talking, swear-word-using, high energy, self-affirming, bad a** yoga chick.

Several months back, in February, I sat down with Brittney to talk all things yoga, self-care and healing. She teaches Vinyasa style yoga to the tunes of trap music curated by a live DJ and reinforced by “ratchet affirmations.” Her classes attract hundreds of students, and her style of “trap yoga” has skyrocketed in popularity.

In this episode, you will here how yoga helped her find her way back to herself after hitting rock bottom, why she decided to train in India, China, and Brazil, exactly what a Trap Yoga Bae class looks like, and so much more.

Brittney is a true firecracker and does not hold back. There was tons of laughter in this episode. Oh, and you might want to listen with headphones if you’re at work or around little people. There’s some adult language in this one! Heads up!

You can follow Brittney on all things social at @TrapYogaBae.

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