Krystal Franklin: TV One Producer and Host on Growth, the Grind and Getting What You Want

Have you ever sat back and thought…. ”Dang, I’ve come a long way. I’m poppin!”

If you haven’t thought that, you should because we’ve all experienced a tremendous amount of growth in some area(s) of our lives. And, that’s exactly what this guest can say.

In honor of Grambling’s Homecoming Week, I caught up with Grambling Alum and #BossBabe, Krystal Franklin, for what was one of my most fun interviews yet.

Krystal is an entertainment and media professional, who works as the Senior Producer of Digital and Social Media, Creative Services, and Marketing at TV One. We got REAL about her journey and discussed exactly what her role entails, how long it took her to get there, feeling jealous of peers who have climbed the ladder much faster, why it’s so important to have integrity working in entertainment, and so so much more. 

Let’s just say I had to cut the interview “short” because it was a candid sister talk that could go on forever. You can follow Krystal on all things social @Krysfranklintv.

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