Kiira M. Harper: Navigating Life as a Professional Dancer

Do you ever want to be a fly on the wall of someone else’s life?

I sure do!

Especially when I think of what it must be like in the life of an entertainer. 

From actors, dancers, visual artists, social media mavens, you name it, I always think:

“How did she get here?” 

What has the journey been like?

Did she have support?

What’s next for her? 

I want a true peek behind the curtain!

Well, I found out all of the above, plus much more, when I sat down with professional dancer and choreographer, Kiira M. Harper. 

Full disclosure: I am somewhat of an uber fan of Kiira’s. I have followed her journey on social media, and I am obsessed with her dancing. 

So, imagine my surprise when she agreed to be the very first guest on the Millennial Dreamers Podcast. *aaaahhh* 

My inner fan girl showed OUT!

And, it spilled right on over into the interview. 

You can follow Kiira on all things social @KiiraMHarper.

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