Kandice Guice: Attorney + Writer + Founder of #MoreThanPrettyCampaign

Ya know, there is something therapeutic about connecting with likeminded women and men. 

You look across the table and think: “You get me! You have the same quirks or drive or goals or values and make me feel like less of a unicorn.”

That’s how I feel about Kandice Guice. 

She is an aspiring world changer who is living life with ambition, sass, and a whole lot of pizzaz! 

I sat down with Kandice recently to discuss all the things. That includes what made her want to become an attorney, how she’s quickly growing her personal brand (SeeKandiceGuice.com), all the deets on her #MoreThanPrettyCampaign, plus what are a few lifestyle and beauty tips she has for the everyday career woman.

We had a lot of laughs recording this episode. 

You can follow Kandice on all things social at @KandiceGuice and the work that she’s doing at @morethanprettycampaign.

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