Jon Renthrope of Cajun Fire Brewing Co: NOLA’s First Black-Owned Brewery

I’m predominantly a wine drinker, but a few years ago, I took a liking (**hello Southern belle**) to certain beers. It was mainly to fit in at social gatherings when that was pretty much the only alcoholic option. But, eventually, I developed a taste for it.

I enjoy some of the mainstream beer brands, but I now feel that local brews are so much better. While Abita Beer is a local favorite in New Orleans, there is another brand that will give Abita a run for their money very soon.

That brand is Cajun Fire.

In this episode, I sat down with Jon Renthrope, the founder, CEO, and brewmaster of Cajun Fire Brewing Company, New Orleans’ first black-owned brewery. We discussed why he chose the craft beer industry, misconceptions about it, the lack of diversity within it, Cajun Fire’s multimillion-dollar land development project that will bring the brewery to New Orleans East, and so much more.

Learn more about Cajun Fire on their website at

Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @drinkcajunfire.

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