Janeya Griffin: The Commercializer and Techpreneur Straight Outta NASA

It’s not that we use technology. We LIVE technology.

I love having conversations with smarty pants. Especially smarty pants women. I often leave the conversations wanting to clap my hands all loud with my head tilted to the side like:


Because it’s just so dang bomb to see folk have access to information or work in spaces that aren’t commonly diverse or occupied by the ladies.

That’s why I was so geeked to talk to techpreneur, Janeya Griffin. Janeya is the Lead Technology Transfer Specialist for NASA’s Armstrong’s Flight Research Center.

Me again: “OK NASA!!”

In our chat, she breaks down how technology really is a part of nearly everything we use, even things we aren’t conscious of, and much of it stems from research that was conducted and developed in a federal laboratory.

Through her work, she has learned a great deal about “intellectual property” – which is just a fancy term for the ideas that you create – and she’s using that information to help entrepreneurs and small businesses make money from their own creative genius. 

If that were not impressive enough, she’s also the co-founder of a creative agency that works with some of the brightest minds of current or formerly incarcerated women and men. A life-altering moment in her childhood would be the catalyst for the work she does with her company. 

This interview is just so good for anyone who creates ANYTHING. And, for anyone who needs perspective on how you can use your lived experiences to make a difference in so many people’s lives. 

You can follow Janeya on all things social at @JaneyaGriffin.

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