Greg Tillery of WeDat’s Chicken and Shrimp: The Journey

The idea of overnight success is a farce. Many an entrepreneur, career woman (or man), or success story can attest to it and the fact that challenges are bountiful on the journey, but they persist.

Such has been the case for Gregoire “Greg” Tillery, a millennial entrepreneur and owner of WeDat’s Chicken and Shrimp in New Orleans, La.

I sat down with Greg to talk all things WeDat’s and the outcome was full transparency on his part. 

Greg shared the early struggles of starting his food truck business, his rapid expansion to three brick and mortar restaurants, what drives him to keep going, and why customer service is the most important part of his brand. 

He wears his humility on his sleeve and his city on his back.

Greg proudly provides opportunities for others, and as you will hear, he is sure to give credit to anyone who has provided him a helping hand along the way. He is keenly aware that he didn’t get here on his own. 

You can follow Greg and WeDat’s on all things social @wedatfoodtruck_. You can also order some of his products at his website at com.

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