BJ Gray of Grayscale: From a Career in Finance to a Celebrity Stylist and Custom Bespoke Suit Designer

There’s something to be said about a well-dressed gentleman and lady. Their air of confidence and flair. The pep in their step.

Today’s Millennial Dreamers guest has lots to share on the topic because he personally sees to it that his clients step out in style for every occasion.

Brandon “BJ” Gray left his corporate finance career a few short years ago to immerse himself in the world of design and fashion. He is now a celebrity stylist and designer for his own luxury boutique fashion house, Grayscale, where he creates custom bespoke suits for men and women.

In this episode, you will learn how BJ got his start in the world of fashion, how he’s landed clients like Neyo, Tank, Jay Ellis and Lena Waithe, the process of creating a custom bespoke suit, and easy tweaks we can make to our own wardrobe to give it a cost-efficient face lift. I’m already thinking of ways to live my best runway lifestyle on a budget. Hello!!

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