Best Trampoline For Adults To Buy In 2019

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Who said the trampoline is for kids only? The truth is trampoline is for everyone. Nowadays trampoline is for both adults and kids. Even for toddlers. Buying an adult trampoline can be a wonderful investment.

You might be buying a trampoline for jumping and fun. But other than fun and jumping the trampoline has a lot of health benefits. If you're a lazy person and looking for some energetic exercise, then the trampoline is the best choice for you. It removes all your laziness.

Jumping on a trampoline has a lot of health benefits. It makes your body muscle strength. It is also a great way to burn off your energy. So the trampoline has so many benefits.

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Things to look for before buying an adult trampoline

  • Your Budget
  • Available space in your backyard
  • Trampoline Size
  • Weight limit of a trampoline
  • Safety features

How much does an adult trampoline cost?

The price of the trampoline varies from size to size. It also depends on the type of trampoline. If you are looking for a workout trampoline then it will cost you around 200$ to 500$. It all depends on your budget. But if you are looking for large trampolines ( 10ft to 16ft) then it will depend on the size and quality. It will costs you around 300$ to 2000$.

How dangerous is a trampoline?

The risk of injury is very high because statistics show that in 2006, trampolines caused an estimated 109,522 injuries. Buying a safe enclosure trampoline doesn't make you safe. Most of the injuries happen because of the stunts and tricks that everyone likes to perform on the trampoline. So don't attempt any stunts without proper learning.

Types of Adult Trampoline

1- Round Trampoline

Round trampolines are the most common trampoline. Round trampolines are specially made for home use. You can also purchase accessories for a round trampoline like ladders, tents and other accessories.

2- Mini Exercise Trampoline

Mini exercise trampolines are specially made for indoor use. Most of the people buy these trampoline for workout and for losing weight.

3- Rectangular Trampoline

Rectangular trampoline is more bouncy as compared to the round trampoline. These trampolines are mostly used in the Olympics and by the gymnasts. Chances of injury are higher in rectangular trampoline.

Size Of Adult Trampoline

One more thing you need to consider is the size of the trampoline. It depends on the area you have for the trampoline. If you have the vast area in your backyard then 15 or 16 feet trampoline will be the perfect trampoline. Size also depends on the number of family members.

Can kids go on these trampolines?

Yes, kids can definitely go on these trampolines. Not recommended for kids under 3 years. So, kids and adults both can enjoy these trampolines.

Exercise trampoline for adults

If you are looking for an indoor trampoline then these exercise trampolines would be best for you.

7 Best Trampoline for Adults - Reviews

Skywalker 15-Foot Basketball Trampoline With Enclosure Net

Basketball Trampoline With Enclosure Net

This 15ft trampoline is on top of our recommendation list. It has a 3-year frame and 1-year parts warranty, which assurance its good quality. This is one of the best affordable trampolines in the market. The maximum number of people jump on it at once is one medium-size adult and three young children.

This is a good bouncy trampoline. It has dual zipper features on the no-gap enclosure net. It has a 200lbs weight limit. This trampoline also has a basketball hoop made of soft material with hoop and loop breakaway rim. If you don't want the basketball hoop you can easily remove it. The enclosure of this trampoline is great and springs are very strong.

Assembly of this trampoline is not difficult. All the steps are mention on the assembly guide. You just need to read the instructions thoroughly and pay attention to the pictures. It will take you 2-3 hours to put together.

You wouldn't regret buying this trampoline. If you are looking for safe, sturdy and great quality, then buy this trampoline without any doubt.

  • Safe Trampoline
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not so expensive
  • Complains about some parts missing

Octagon 16Feet Magic Circle Trampoline

Magic Circle Trampoline

Octagon 16 feet trampoline is on the second spot of our list. It is available in two different colors. It is a heavy-duty trampoline with a weight limit of 450lbs. 5-6 kids can easily jump on it at a time. It is special heavy-duty trampoline for the whole family.

It is the safest adult trampoline out there in the market. The safety net is sewed into the mat so no chances to fall out. The safety net is sewn right into the jumping mat - no gaps at all.

The assembly is not so difficult. It will take you 1hour to assemble depending on the way you do. One more thing getting the hook for the strings will make the assembly easier. You should also buy the removable ladder for easy access.

The price of this trampoline is a bit high but the quality and durability are much better than the other cheap trampolines. If you have a good budget and looking for a sturdy, safe and high-quality trampoline then without any doubt go and buy this trampoline. It will be a great investment. Paying a little more for the quality product will give you extra benefits like safety, durability, and quality.

  • Heavy Duty trampoline
  • High weight limit
  • Very bouncy and secure
  • Bit expensive

Acon Air Heavy Duty 15 Ft Trampoline with Premium Enclosure

Acon air heavy duty trampoline is on the third of our list. This heavy-duty trampoline has no weight limit for one person. Its steel springs are specially made to ensure that each spring gives out its full punch. This trampoline is best for adults and kids.

If you are looking for the heavy-duty trampoline for the whole family then this heavy-duty trampoline is for you. It has a maximum total weight restriction of 800Pounds. This solid and big trampoline has a really good bounce.

This trampoline isn't hard to put together. There are no screws, it all just fits together. It comes with the spring pulling tool which will help make the assembling easier. The safety net is inside of the springs and that the top of the net attaches to a solid piece.

If want something that will last at least for 10 years then you should buy this high-quality trampoline. You can also say that this trampoline is the home version of the commercial trampoline. Yes, the price of this trampoline is a bit high but the quality and durability justify it. So if you want heavy-duty trampoline this would be a great choice.

  • Well constructed trampoline
  • High weight limit
  • Great quality
  • Issues about net

Merax Basketball Hoop 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Basketball Hoop 15 FT Trampoline

It is another high weight capacity trampoline with a weight limit of 375lbs. It comes with a basketball hoop made of a protective net. With jumping, it will be fun to basket the ball. Great trampoline for kids and adults to entertain.

Assembly of this trampoline is not so difficult. It will take you 2 hours to setup. Make sure to follow all the instructions it will help you. It also has a 4 step heavy-duty ladder which will help you to up and down easily. The frame is made of heavy gauge galvanized rust-resistant steel.

It has the net on the outside of the springs because there is significantly more space on the trampoline as compared to the other trampolines that mount on the inside of the springs. It has a big surface area on which you can bounce and try different stunts. A great way to burn off your energy.

If you are looking for a trampoline that the whole family can enjoy then buy this one. The quality, durability, and sturdiness of this trampoline are of high class. You would definitely love this trampoline when you have it in your backyard. A great quality product and best for fun and entertainment.

  • Easy to setup
  • Great costumer service
  • High quality

    JumpSport 12’, or 14 VariableBounce Trampoline with Enclosure

    Trampoline with Enclosure

    This trampoline has two different sizes ( 12Ft and 14Ft). This trampoline is a bit expensive out there but you know more money is equal to more safety and quality. If you want a trampoline that lasts more than 10 years then you should consider this trampoline.

    The safety of this trampoline is better than the other trampolines. It has a high-quality safety enclosure. The quality springs of this trampoline allow jumpers to bounce high. 14ft trampoline has up to 245lbs weight limit (Single-User) while 12ft trampoline has a 240lbs weight limit (single-user).

    Assembly of this trampoline is not so difficult. Two people can easily do it. It will take 2-3 hours to setup. Safety nets might take some time to setup. I would recommend watching the videos of assembly on youtube especially for the assembly of safety net.

    • Great bouncy trampoline
    • Very sturdy and solid
    • Easy to assemble
    • Customer service is not so good

    Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

    This is the heavy-duty trampoline with a galvanized steel frame. The weight capacity of this trampoline is 200lbs ( one person jumping at a time). This trampoline has a high-quality safety net that includes 8 padded poles which ensure the safety of the trampoline. This high-quality net provides you safety while jumping.

    If you have a smaller yard and want a smaller trampoline you can buy a smaller size. If you want this trampoline for only one kid then a 10 ft trampoline would be big enough you should go with smaller ones.

    This trampoline is best for kids and adults. If you are buying this for 3 to 4 years old kid then you should also purchase the ladder otherwise you will spend an awful lot of time lifting kids up and down.

    Installation is not too difficult, just follow the instructions. All the tools you need to assemble are included in this. The instructions aren't so helpful. Ultega customer service is great. They are very quick to respond and replace the defect parts immediately. So, its a high quality, sturdy trampoline with amazing customer service. You should consider it.

    • Great customer service
    • Durable trampoline
    • Solid Trampoline
    • Not so safe

    JumpSport 250 Indoor Fitness Trampoline | Long-lasting durable trampoline

    This jump sports fitness trampoline is on top of our exercise trampoline list. The assembly of this mini exercise trampoline is super easy. You only have to screw in the legs and start rebounding. A great way to burn off your calories without hurting your knees.

    A great exercise trampoline for adults. It has a really amazing bounce. Even you can really fly high with this trampoline. It has a good amount of space to rebound on. The padding around the bungees is really nice. It would save your toes. Also, it has bungees rather than springs.

    Kids also can jump on this trampoline to burn off extra steam after school. It could be your go-to solution for the days when you don't go to the gym. It is also a great way to start your day and to boost your mood.

    It's a quiet, durable and lightweight trampoline at a pretty reasonable price. Much better than the other expensive mini-trampoline. Frame and legs have a lifetime warranty. Mat and chords have only 2 years warranty. So if you are looking for a sturdy and cheap mini exercise trampoline then I would definitely recommend this one.

    • Bouncy Mini trampoline
    • Great quality
    • Very easy to put together
    • Best fitness trampoline
    • No warranty

    Urban Rebounder Exercise Trampoline with Workout DVD 

    This is another mini exercise trampoline. One interesting thing about this trampoline that it comes with a DVD. It shows how to set it up and begin to exercise on it. The flexibility of the rebounder is super perfect.

    This is the very solidly constructed and heavy-duty rebounder. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. A great choice for overweight ones. It has a really good bounce. One of the benefits of rebounding is that you can do it while watching tv or youtube videos. 10-15 minutes daily rebounding can help you in losing your weight.

    Assembly is super super easy. All you have to do is unfold and stretch out the legs. It has a very affordable price with great quality. The mat and springs are made of high quality. It also has a stabilizing bar. If your balance is poor you can attach the bar. The bar also makes you safer.

    If you want a sturdy, affordable and high-quality rebounder then you should consider this mini-trampoline. Also good for exercising in winter. The delivery of the product is very fast.

    • Excellent Bounce
    • Great for exercise
    • DVD included
    • Super fast delivery
    • Poor customer service


    Now you have some information about different types of trampolines and their pros and cons. But if you are still confused about which trampoline is best for you. Then if you have a high budget and want something that your whole will enjoy on than you should go with this one Octagon 16Feet Magic Circle Trampoline. It has a high weight limit. With good quality, it is a very safe trampoline.

    But what if you have a low budget? No problem go with the low budget trampoline. The quality of a cheap trampoline is also good. You can also enjoy and have fun on low budget trampoline. If you want the best cheap trampoline then go with this one Skywalker 15-Foot Basketball Trampoline With Enclosure Net. This trampoline is also on top of our list. Probably the best cheap trampoline out there in the market. A cheap and amazing high-quality trampoline with a safety net. It also has a warranty. Skywalker produces high-quality trampolines and also safety is their first priority.

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